A Betta Tomorrow - The Music Video

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The Music Video is a product of our "Unity" Project.  The video is compelling evidence of the commitment we have to accomplishing all that we set out to do.  There is strength in unity, a three-strand rope is not easily broken, and so we band together as a single moving force with singleness of purpose and that purpose is to steer Jamaica back toward God and toward A Betta Tomorrow for all.

The Project was long and challenging, but at the end of the day it stands powerfully proud as a work of art, that we believe God Himself has orchestrated and ordained.

We urge you to continue to support us, share and promote the video, request the song on your favourite station and of course head on over to A Betta Tomorrow (feat. Kevin Smith, Kevin Downswell, Judith Gayle, Sister Sasha, J. Cee, Jai, Omari, Claudius England, Ryan Berry, Jermaine Edwards, Ryan Mark, DJ Nicholas and Lypher) - A Betta Tomorrow - Single and buy the song... it costs less than US$1.

We also ask you to support our (our meaning it's your project too) other Projects and upcoming events, how can such a tall order be fulfilled?  If each one does his/her part to advance the welfare of Jamaica and the whole human race.



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