About us

So you've heard of "A Betta Tomorrow", but want to know more about what it is really?

A Betta Tomorrow was started out of a God-given vision, and has grown into a powerful movement.  Its ultimate goal is to see the eradication of evil and this present "darkness" that is plaguing our land we love.  While you will be able to easily recognize many of the faces on the frontline for the movement, A Betta Tomorrow is really made up of you... the every day citizen who knows, who believes deep down in your heart, that our country CAN be delivered from its present oppression of evil, restored to what a Godly nation should look like and transformed to put on top and at the forefront those things which are righteous, just, lovely, honest and worthy of good report.

Throughout this nation, there have always been those stalwarts and "good-thinking"  nationalists among us, who like us have always believed that our beloved country is capable of rising out of the gutters in which it has slumped.  These individual voices of reason for years have formed the resistance to the darkness that has crept in.  We are in a spiritual and moral warfare, and as silent campaigners for good we have been losing the battle.

A Betta Tomorrow intends to change that!

This movement aims to bring the good and Godly together to take the deranged  and destructive mindset by storm, and bring transformation to this nation by the power of the Almighty God... without whom our individual and even collective efforts count for naught.

A Betta Tomorrow is far more than a concert, it's more than the outreach activities and missions that we undertake.  We intend to make this an unmistakable lifestyle and mentality brand that galvanizes those that desire the triumph of good over evil to humbly surrender to God while aggressively resisting every advance of that which is evil in this world.

We invite you to join with us, stand with us... be afraid no more, be silent no more, step out with us in Faith and watch God transform this nation and usher its people into A Betta Tomorrow.

Here's a brief history of how we got started...

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