A Betta Tomorrow 2010

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As we draw near to the second staging of the A Betta Tomorrow concert, we take a reflective look back at 2010 where it all began... 30,000+ STRONG!  To God be ALL the praise... Great things He has done.

After hundreds of changed lives Blessed by the outreach events and street meetings, where God used us as His servants to Bless individuals, families and even entire communities, the reminder is still strong, that there is always room to be surprized and just totally blown away by God!
Hardly anything could have prepared the team of Gospel warriors for what God had in store.  God Blessed the grounds with good weather and even fertile soil.  As we began preparing the Dump Up Beach grounds (Montego Bay) for the harvest, we were a little concerned about what seemed like a mega clash across the road with an event that could essentially water down the entire efforts of the months of ABT campaigning.  God's wisdom is wise indeed as what could have been a dilution of the concert turned out instead to be maybe the biggest contributor to the turnout. Precious souls poured into the area as the Lord would have it and then their hearts were transposed to the buzz of activity across the road as the beach land was being transformed to a mega praise zone that in mere hours would be offering up praises, tearing down strongholds and cutting through the darkness to speak life and give hope to all present, with God's promise of A Betta Tomorrow.
Check out some pics, courtesy of our fellow-ministers over at PraiseRiot.com.
Also, check out some clippings from last year's events in the video below...
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