Wordy Wordy Wednesdays

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Okay warriors, we're ready to start changing the day!

Over the years there have been lots and lots of different cultures, habits, styles, etc. that have taken root in our society... in our nation.  Unfortunately, a lot of these styles are leading us nowhere... at least nowhere good... and in a hurry.

The time is now for us to start changing a few things... to redefine for the masses what really is Spiritual Worship And Godliness... that's right... what really is SWAG!

So this is the thing, we are now introducing a new, small, but powerful concept... the first in our Game-Changer series... it's called "Wordy Wordy Wednesdays".

How does it work?   Simple.

Wordy Wordy WednesdaysEvery Wednesday, we want every warrior, everyone that's on board for steering our land to A Betta Tomorrow... to walk with their Bibles!  ... and this doesn't mean a microscopic Gideon in your backpocket... we are calling upon people all across this nation... to WALK OUT... or run out run out with your Bibles in your hands!

We're not asking for any Shy-Steppers... own that Bible... identify with righteousness... swing that book in your hand, place that darling right on your desk at work, or in your lap on the bus.  Bible Apps and software are great... but for the full SWAG effect... we want the actual book.

Who's ready to step out and change the game?  Are you ashamed?

No?  Well if you have any praise reports, be sure to come back and let us know... better yet, throw in a pic or two on top!

A Betta Tomorrow we seh... only GOD can make the change!

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