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Red Tones Productions presentsRedTones Productions, powered for A Betta Tomorrow, is hosting a series of events dubbed FRIDAY NITES PLUGGED during the upcoming months. This includes four weeks styled Youth Fellowship Link-Up which will commence on July 8, 2011 and continues each Friday until July 29th, 2011.

The Youth Fellowship Link-Up (a free event), sees selected gospel performing artistes participating in vibrant rap sessions while ministering on critical issues affecting young lives. These are done through intimate forums with church youth groups, where artistes and youth discuss experiences and engage in open dialogue. The series commenced in Montego Bay with Kevin Downswell, DJ Troy and Jabez engaging close to 200 youth from the Faith Temple Assemblies of God and other invited churches. Jai, Ryan Berry, Goddesta and Kevin Smith addressed the youth of Burchell Baptist and DJ Nicholas and Jermaine Bolton shared their hearts at the Mount Salem Open Bible.  This week Prodigal Son, Lamoy Brown and New Generation will speak with the youth of Praise Chapel.  Excitingly, the youth groups of the Jeffrey Town District of New Testament Churches all the way from St. Mary will join this group.  Some of the topics discussed include:   Identity, Influences, Standing Up As Christians Among Peers, Overcoming A Fall, Crime And Violence, Forgiveness, Abstinence, Family, Pregnancy, HIV, Abortions And Healing.  The sessions have enjoyed resounding success with many youth making decisions to renew their Christian walks and many non-Christians surrendering their lives to the Lord.  The artistes are joined weekly by Barrington Sergeant of Jamaica Youth for Christ, Claudius and Toni England of RedTones Productions and the production team includes Mellesia Taylor-Sterling and Tuscany Brown.

The Concert Edition will follow for the next four weeks from Friday, August 5th through to Friday, August 27th, 2011.The Concert Edition will feature approximately three or four gospel artistes named above in concert per week, accompanied by a live band. These concerts will be nominally paid events. Part proceeds will be donated to the Chetwood Memorial Primary School and New Vision Preparatory & Kindergarten School in Montego Bay, which are in need of computer laboratories for students.   Artistes participating in the Concert Edition include:  Prodigal Son, DJ Nicholas, Jai, Jermaine Edwards, Kevin Downswell, Ryan Berry, Claudius England, Jermain Bolton,  Jabez, Ryan Mark, Lamoy Brown, Goddesta, Kevin Smith, Rondel Positive and Dunamis.

The Community Edition is next on the agenda and will see all-star football leagues competing with inner city leagues.  Social activities will also be included.

Music has an unparalleled influence on our youth. Statistics show that a high percentage of youth – even within the church community – are influenced by popular music void of values and principles. Some members of the gospel music industry feel a dire need to step up into their responsibility as positive role models for these impressionable youngsters with an aim to encourage wholesome and inspiring relationships between the youth and the gospel music industry. 

Friday Nites Plugged will be replicated in all parishes islandwide and is made possible through the kind support of sponsors - Jamaica Youth for Christ, Ecotec, El Greco Hotel, Radikal Yawd, Mobay Chocolate Factory and Drummonds Catering. 

A Facebook page, has been created to continue the interactions with the youth who are also encouraged to post questions and concerns that they may have been too shy to ask.  Persons may also follow on twitter @fridaynitesplug.

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