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Think TankMost of us would be only too painfully aware of all the ills going on in our society.  Some of us no longer read the papers, others have just totally written off the news.

Why?  The answer is always the same - "It's all too depressing!"

Between the beheadings and the road fatalities and the joblessness and the high prices and low wages, etc. etc. etc.  it can get so overwhelming...

Well you know what, here at A Betta Tomorrow, we DON'T believe that it's hopeless... we DON'T accept that our nation is doomed, so right here, right now... we're starting a Think Tank... and here's what we want you to do -

Leave your comments, stating one thing that you think is really a problem in Jamaica AND an accompanying solution that you think is practical, moral and possible.

N.B. We won't be accepting any problems, that have no solutions

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A Betta Tomorrow Gospel Concert on October 7, 2011 at 7:00pm.

Hello Everyone... Let me here you say Concert!!!..A Betta Tomorrow Gospel Concert will be held on October 7, 2011 at Karram Speid Auditorium (Merl Grove High School) starting at 7:00pm. Come out in your numbers.... tickets only cost $500....This concert is geared to be a night of hope, reflection, true worship and praise with performances from artistes such as Jahi, Judith Gayle, Dunamis, J. Cee, Kevin Smith, Lypher and Ryan Berry.Proceeds from this venture will assist with funding the activities of the ministry planned for this year, which include a feeding program, street meetings and a major outreach event at Dump Up Beach (Montego Bay).