A Betta Tomorrow - Promotional Music Video

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The A Betta Tomorrow Music Video (AKA our Unity Project) is a perfect and tangible example of the unified approach of our movement.  For far too long our nation has had fragmented pockets of good and great ministries and efforts.  Our aim and desire is to pull together these different power segments to have a bigger effect, one that can not be dismissed, one that can not be ignored.

This has been a major project for us and we hope that we will be able to reap significant funding from the sales and donations that the song and the music video will bring in.

Vote for the song, request the song and most importantly... BUY the song!

Thanks for your support.

A Betta Tomorrow (feat. Kevin Smith, Kevin Downswell, Judith Gayle, Sister Sasha, J. Cee, Jai, Omari, Claudius England, Ryan Berry, Jermaine Edwards, Ryan Mark, DJ Nicholas and Lypher) - A Betta Tomorrow - Single




All glory to God, The Almighty!!

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