The Worship Experience

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A Betta Tomorrow, in association with our partners and supporters will be staging an epic event dubbed "The Worship Experience" on Friday, October 7, 2011 starting at 7pm.

Funding from this event will help to fund our feeding programs, street meetings and Major Concert on Saturday, November 5, 2011 as well  numerous other projects that we are just itching to bring on-stream.

The cost for each entry to the concert is JMD $500.  A special package is being offered for groups of ten(10)  or more to pay only JMD $300 for each entry.  Entry for supporters of our Fish Fry event is FREEEE!!!!

The event is geared to be a night of hope, reflection, true worship and praise with ministry from DJ Nicholas, Kevin Smith, Jai, Omari, Dunamis, Ryan Berry, J. Cee, Murphy, Perpetual Praise, Jermaine Edwards and "Deo" Thomas.  It promises to be the perfect atmosphere to come and meet with God, to come to know Him, to draw closer to Him, to begin that necessary change within yourself and within your own circle... to jump start your own journey to A Betta Tomorrow.

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